A Good Body Image

Sight is one of the most important senses to humans, and looking in the mirror to see if everything matches properly is part of a daily routine practiced by many. For those with vision issues, that look can be one that rivals any horror movie ever made. Knowing the colours being worn can help, but the lack of clear focus for the eyes, or distortions due to retina issues can make a good body image into a horror show. There are still some vision issues with no solution yet, and people must make their own adjustments until cures or medical advances are made.

The macula is the central part of the retina, and it is the area people tend to rely on most. There are more colour rods in this area of the retina, and it is also the area where readers look when they open a laptop computer or a book to read. Vision issues in this area of the eye are not yet correctable with surgical techniques, and some of the effects they produce can be harrowing.

The back of the eye is curved, and any distortion in the retina will show this in the visual presentation to the brain. A person can look at the mirror or even another person, and a healthy retina will show them a complete picture of the face. For those with dead spots in the macula, the vision their brain receives is quite different. The face may have an area with no colour, there may be a blank spot, and the face they see can waver significantly. All of this is normal when the central vision of the macula has been damaged.

There are ways to compensate, and the brain will eventually begin to put together a picture that looks normal. Humans are adaptable, and even those with vision issues in both eyes will find their own ways to compensate. Living with this unseen disability can be frightening, but even a nightmare can seem normal over time.